What is the Camp?

-       All inclusive environment. The Camp is a friendly and fun approach to bootcamp fitness.

-       Daily boot camp sessions Monday through  Saturday

-       Based in Surry Hills, close to Redfern, Waterloo, Darlinghurst and Sydney CBD.

-       Optional Personal Training

Join our Surry Hills boot camp! Get in shape, lose weight and make new friends.The Camp is a fresh, team based approach to bootcamp and personal training . Geared toward self improvement on every front, the Camp focuses on creating a team environment. The sort of place where everybody is celebrated for their achievements and encouraged by their peers.

It’s all about being the best you can be, whether that is a more svelte version of yourself, one who can run faster, jump higher, bust out more push ups or one with a flashy new set of abs. Every achievement is one to be celebrated. Making friends along the way, helping each other over the obstacles, having team mates and friends there to cheer for you, push you and share in that early morning haze together. This is what the Camp is all about.

Sign up for The Camp, Surry Hills and uncover the best version of you that you possibly can. Claim your free week trial here.